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Term Expires April 2015
Term Expires April 2016
Term Expires April 2017
Jerry Burt
Don Arias Jr
Terry Farrar
Scott Wildman**
Andy Hudson
Matt Spaeth
Steve Selby****
Teppei Sakuma
Larry Pirtle
Term Expires April 2016
Term Expires April 2015
VP Scholastic
Teppei Sakuma
Bob Howenstein
VP Adult
Jerry Burt
VP Youth
Don Arias Jr
Bill Baker
Tom Woolf
Additional USAH Officiating Program District and National Staff
National Staff
Local/District Staff
David LaBuda
National Referee In Chief
Bob Cunningham
Central District Referee In Chief
Matt Leaf
Director Officiating Education Program
Scott Bokal
Central District Evaluation Coordinator
BJ Ringrose
Coordinator of Officials Education
Tom Woolf
USAH Local Supervisor Of Officials
Mark Wilkins
USAH Referee Section Director
Scott Zelkin
Officiating Development Coordinator
Helen Fenlon
National Registration and Testing
**Appointed to fill vacancy  ****Elected to fill Vancancy
At large appointed members
Joe Kalin